Business Services – Writing Powerful Essays in HSC

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Let’s face it, we all want our students to write powerful paragraphs in their Business Services HSC Examination. This resource has been developed to assist students to develop their confidence in how to write a powerful paragraph instead of just waffling in essays. This resource is a step-by-step approach utilising the DPEEL writing techniques and NESA examination criteria. These resources have been scaffolded with explicit answers to paint a clear picture for all students attempting this challenging part of the examination.

As a current VET teacher, it can be a struggle to get those ‘ah ha’ moments with students when responding to extended response questions. Therefore, these resources were created to combinate this and I am sharing these bright and well-scaffolded resources with you. I hope you get some ‘ah ha’ moments with your students too. I use this DPEEL writing technique with my students and find this is the best way to improve upon their grades quickly. In this pack, it details the entire process and provides you with explicit scaffolded questions that are not from past HSC Examinations, but hopefully, if my predictions are correct will be in future ones eg COVID-19 impact (Shhh). These two sample essays have been highlighted/colour coded reflecting the DPEEL technique, industry examples, and business services terminology while considering the impact on the four hats (worker, customer, workplace and PCBU). Remember this is essential if you are striving to achieve a Band 6 result in the HSC.

The NESA keywords appear regularly in NSW Education Standards Authority syllabuses, performance descriptions and examinations. Therefore, it is imperative to have a good understanding of these terms to ensure students are answering each question in their HSC Examination correctly and avoid wasting time. Included in this pack is an 18-page booklet to review these key terms. 

This pack includes a self-reflection checklist and peer marking template to encourage students to write their best essays.

This resource includes the following:

Teacher instructions

Resource #1 Poster – writing powerful paragraphs using the DPEEL technique

Resource #2 Performance band descriptors

Resource #3 Booklet with scaffolded essay process (19 pages)

Resource #4 Starting small with paragraphs on hobbies (4 pages)

Resource #5 Essay 2 scaffold and sample (16 pages)

Resource #6 Self Reflection checklist

Resource #7 Peer evaluation checklist

Resource #8 Poster – Examination tips – CUSTARD acronym

Resource #9 Poster of understanding – Fist to Five

Resource #10 Blank DPEEL Scaffold (7 pages)

Resource #11 Word conjunctions and examples

Resource #12 NESA Descriptive key terms workbook (18 pages)


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