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This Needs and Wants resource is the perfect way to teach your Preliminary Community and Family Studies class about needs and wants. The PowerPoint defines needs and wants, describes specific needs including the adequate standard of living, health, education, employment, safety and security and sense of identity. It also looks at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and satisfying needs and wants through goal setting and enhancing wellbeing.

Nine questions have been included in the student worksheet. They’ve been designed to test students’ knowledge of needs and wants. The worksheet also includes three case studies, which allow students to analyse the different needs of people with different lifestyles.

Sample answers and teacher instructions are also included in this pack, to make teaching needs and wants simple and stress-free.

Grab this colourful and engaging Needs and Wants resource for your Community and Family Studies students to help them understand the importance of meeting needs and wants.


Pack includes:

  • 22 engaging PowerPoint slides with syllabus content and information.
  • 16 page PDF worksheet with NSW syllabus links and student activities
  • Teacher instructions
  • Suggested answers


Students learn about:

Needs and wants

  • defining needs and wants
  • specific needs
    • adequate standard of living (food, clothing, shelter)
    • health
    • education
    • employment
    • safety and security
    • sense of identity
  • Maslow’s hierarchy
  • satisfaction of needs and wants
    • goal setting
    • enhancing wellbeing

QLD QCAA Senior & Social Community Studies – 2019

2.4.4 Elective 4: Health – food and nutrition

Subject matter

Personal skills

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

2.2.6 Elective 6: Into relationships

Subject matter

Personal skills

  • building self-esteem and confidence
  • setting personal goals and devising strategies to attain them

2.2.8 Elective 8: Money management

Subject matter

  • needs vs. wants; Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

 2.2.10 Elective 10: Today’s society

Subject matter

  • identity and belonging: personal pathways

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