Have a Yarn Textiles Group Activity

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Enjoy this immersive group activity on the exploration of yarn in textiles.

Textiles students will have a ‘ball’ with this comprehensive resource. It begins with students entering the room and receiving a ‘Have a Yarn’ Card and Fact File. Then after breezing through the ‘Have a Yarn’ PowerPoint students can work in small groups to fill in their Fact File on their yarn type. From there students can swap answers moving around the room to gain understanding on the other types of yarn and their characteristics and properties. The goal is to have their ‘Have a Yarn’ Fact File complete by the end of the lesson.

To check student understanding, the next lesson could be dedicated to the ‘Have a Yarn’ recall questions. Teacher’s Suggested Answers are also included so that you can mark their responses in class if you like.

Pack includes:

  • 13-slide Have a Yarn PowerPoint
  • 13- double-sided Have a Yarn Cards
  • 6-page Have a Yarn Fact File Student Worksheet
  • 9-page Have a Yarn Recall Questions
  • Teacher Instructions
  • Teacher Suggested Answers


Relevant to:

NSW Year 9 and 10 Textiles Technology

Area of study: Properties and Performance of Textiles




  • identify yarns used in textile items, for example: (ACTDEK046)
    • staple spun yarns
    • filament yarns
    • novelty and textured yarns
    • innovations in yarn production, eg conductive yarns, metallic yarns
  • outline structures and properties of yarns used in textile items, for example: (ACTDEK046)
    • staple spun yarns are commonly weak with poor lustre
    • filament yarn is long, continuous, lustrous and strong

WA Materials Design and Technology

Textiles Context Content


Nature and Properties of Materials

  • yarn structure and characteristics
  • spun staple yarns
  • filament yarns
  • novelty yarns – slub, boucle, core spun