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Unlock a deeper understanding of target markets and marketing segments with our all-inclusive educational pack designed to align perfectly with the food technology syllabus.


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Unlock a deeper understanding of target markets and marketing segments with our all-inclusive educational pack designed to align perfectly with the food technology syllabus. Ideal for creating an engaging and interactive food technology classroom, this comprehensive set serves not just as a visual stimulant but as a functional, multi-purpose learning aid. From the walls of your classroom to the desks of your students, these resources are built to facilitate both independent and collaborative learning experiences.

The pack features 12 vibrant A4 posters spotlighting key Target Market acronyms that not only serve as a quick reference guide but also as a constant visual reminder. Display these posters around your food technology classroom to inspire reflective thinking and encourage active learning as students dive into the intricacies of food product development.

Complementing the posters is a 9-page food technology worksheet. This worksheet includes collaborative activities that invite students to use both critical and creative thinking to deepen their understanding of target markets. A group task included in the pack fosters teamwork and enables students to engage with the subject matter on a much more substantial level.

This versatile food technology activity is designed to be adaptable, allowing teachers to differentiate the material according to their students’ needs. This educational pack is a must-have resource for achieving a more enriching and effective learning environment.

Pack Includes:

  • 12 x A4 Posters featuring key Target Market acronyms
  • 9-page Student Worksheet with a Collaborative Activity

By integrating these resources into your curriculum, you’re not just teaching; you’re engaging your students in a comprehensive, multi-faceted food technology activity that aligns perfectly with the food technology syllabus.

Relevant to:



H1.3 justifies processes of food product development and manufacture in terms of market, technological and environmental considerations


Students Learn About:

Steps in food product development

  • design brief based on project aims and development criteria:
    • idea generation and screening
    • market research
    • product specifications
    • feasibility study
    • production process development
    • development of a prototype
    • testing product prototype, eg sensory evaluation, consumer testing, packaging tests, storage trials

Marketing plans

  • product planning
  • price structure
  • place and distribution system
  • promotional program

Food Technology Stage 5

  • examines the relationship between food, technology and society FT5-12
  • outline the role of market research in food product development, for example:
    • identifying needs
    • economic viability
    • consumer feedback

 Life Skills Focus Area: Food Product Development

  • explore marketing considerations for new food products, for example:
    • price, eg a higher price than competitors to imply quality
    • promotion, eg TV advertising or social media campaign
    • packaging
    • target market, eg adolescents, food for families


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    Ellie (Verified user)


    I’ve used this resource with both Stage 5 and Stage 6 food tech. They’re posters in my room, but I’ve also turned them into palm card for my HSC students for Food Product Development.

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