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FREE Personal and Social Capability Challenge – Digital Download

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FREE Personal and Social Capability Challenge – Digital Download

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Product Description

A fantastic Personal and Social Capability Challenge to encourage students to develop an awareness of their own emotional states, needs and perspectives.

This challenge assist to engage students in setting goals for their own learning, and creating awareness of their responsibilities over their own learning and behaviour.

How to use: 

  1. Issue the Personal and Social Capability Challenge to students.
  2. Advise students they must have a teacher sign off and date on the line in each hexagon any time they complete one of the personal and social capability goals in class.


  • 1 x student sheet with 8 Personal and Social Capability challenges to complete
  • 1 x Certificate of Achievement to issue to students who complete all challenges
  • 1 x teacher information sheet

This activity is best suited to students in Stage 3, 4 and 5. Alternatively it could be used for students working on behaviour management goals for their individual learning plans. Students may also wish to earn the certificate for their resumes if they are applying for part-time jobs. If students complete all challenges they are eligible for the award. You can use the award provided or you may wish to use your schools merit system.


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Teacher Professional Development