Life Skills Factors that Influence Food Habits and Choices

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Factors that Influence Food Habits and Choices is a bright and engaging resource to help get your Life Skills students thinking about what influences the foods they choose to eat.

Students work through the PowerPoint, where they learn about influences on food habits and choices including cost, availability, nutrition, taste, culture, family diet as well as marketing and social media. They can then complete the corresponding worksheet which allows them to reinforce their new knowledge as they complete a series of fun activities and questions.

Sample answers have been included as part of this resource to allow teachers to discuss the correct answers with their students. A lesson plan and teacher instructions are also provided to help teachers implement this resource in the classroom.

This resource has been designed for Life Skills students studying the Food in Australia unit, but can also be used with students across a variety of learning levels and abilities.

Pack includes:

  • 10 Slide PowerPoint
  • 5-page Student Worksheet
  • Sample Answers
  • Lesson Plan with teacher instructions

Relevant to:


Life Skills

Food in Australia

  • recognises the nutritional value of food items FTLS-3
  • recognises the impact of food habits and choices on health FTLS-4
  • recognise factors that influence food habits and choices, for example:
    • cost
    • food availability
    • marketing and social media
    • nutrition
    • culture
    • taste
    • family diet


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