Life Skills Reasons for Food Product Development

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Food Technology Topics


Teach your Life Skills students about the different reasons that exist for food product development with this fantastic resource!

Students learn about the four main reasons for food product development and real-world examples of each in the PowerPoint presentation. They can then reinforce their knowledge by completing the questions in the corresponding worksheet and completing the activity which encourages them to come up with their own food products for each of the four reasons.

Also included is a lesson plan with teacher instructions to make implementing Life Skills Reasons for Food Product Development in the classroom simple!

This resource has been created for Life Skills students studying the Food Product Development focus area from the NSW NESA Food Technology 7-10 Syllabus, however, it can be used with students across a variety of stages and learning levels.

Pack includes:

  • 1 x 10-slide Life Skills Reasons for Food Product Development PowerPoint.
  • 1 x 4-page Life Skills Reasons for Food Product Development worksheet (PDF).
  • Lesson plan with teacher instructions.


  • recognise that different reasons exist for food product development, for example:
    • as a response to health issues, eg reduced-fat milk, probiotic yoghurt
    • concern for the environment, eg food products packaged using recyclable materials
    • technological developments, eg modified atmosphere packaging
    • response to consumer demand, eg convenience food products


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