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Make learning about Food Technology content fun with the ‘Stinky Feet’ game!


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Make learning about Food Technology content fun with the ‘Stinky Feet’ game!

‘Stinky Feet’ quizzes students on topic areas from across the Year 7 to Year 12 Food Technology syllabi (NSW). 100 questions and cards are included in this resource to ensure every student gets involved.

To play ‘Stinky Feet’, the class needs to be broken into multiple groups and placed in relay lines in front of the board.

Blu-tak the Stinky Feet cards onto the board with the point value facing the board so students cannot see it. Alternately you could simply lay the cards out on the table and teams take a card from there. The feet side should be facing up in this case.

A student is asked a question and may work with their team to come up with the answer. If they are wrong, they move to the back of the line but if they are right, they may take a ‘Stinky Feet’ card. The card has a point value on it: some cards have positive values while others have negative values. The team that ends the game with the most points, wins. This will allow students to exercise some basic numeracy working together to add and subtract from their score.

‘Stinky Feet’ can be used as a lesson starter or plenary, or even as a fun study tool. Teachers may differentiate the game by asking harder or easier questions, depending on students’ learning abilities. The game can be extended even further if additional questions written by the teacher are added.

This is a fun and engaging way to help your students remember key Food Technology content. So why is it called ‘Stinky Feet’? Because it ‘stinks’ when you get the question right and you pick up a card that has a minus value on it.

Pack Includes

  • 100 x ‘Stinky Feet’ point cards.
  • 100 questions for you to read out to students. Potential answers are also included.
  • Team scorecard.
  • Teacher instructions.


How to play the Stinky Feet Game

  • Divide the class into multiple groups, forming relay lines in front of the board.
  • Attach ‘Stinky Feet’ cards to the board with Blu-tak, point value hidden, or lay them on a table with feet side up.
  • Students answer questions collaboratively within their teams.
  • If an answer is incorrect, the student moves to the back of the line. If correct, they select a ‘Stinky Feet’ card.
  • Cards have varying point values, both positive and negative.
  • Teams calculate their scores using basic addition and subtraction.
  • The game concludes with the team having the highest points as the winner.

That is why it is named ‘Stinky Feet’, because of the disappointment of gaining negative points after a correct answer!

Relevant to

ACARA Australian Curriculum Design & Technologies YRS 7-10



ACT BSSS Food Studies A/M

ACT BSSS Food Science and Nutrition A/T/M

BSSS ACT Senior Syllabus: Food & Resource Management YR 11-12

BSSS ACT Curriculum Food Science & Management Classification: T

BSSS ACT Curriculum Food For Life A/M Classification: A

SACE SA Food & Hospitality Stage 1 and Stage 2

WA SCSA ATAR Food Science & Technology YR 11 ATAR

WA SCSA Food Science & Technology YR 12 ATAR

AQA Britain GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition (8585)

QCAA Food & Nutrition General Senior Syllabus 2019

TASC TAS Food and Cooking Essentials: FCE110114 Level 1

TASC TAS Food, Cooking and Nutrition: FDN215118 Level 3

TASC TAS Food and Nutrition: FDN315118 Level 2

TASC TAS Food & Hospitality Enterprise: FHE215116 Level 2


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    Kendall BRIGGS (Verified user)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    A fun learning activity that my students enjoy participating in. The score card formats are an excellent addition.

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