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We want you to feel ready and equipped to confidently teach Year 10 Food Technology. With this course, you’ll get units, assessments, marking criteria, recipes and work booklets, plus guidance to implement it all.

You’ll have 24/7 access to 5-hours of video content guiding you through teaching four topic areas; Food Service and Catering, Food for Specific Needs, Food for Specific Needs and Food Trends. Plus a breakdown of the syllabus changes from old syllabus to the new FOOD TECHNOLOGY 7–10 SYLLABUS (2019).

You will be guided through all of the resources included in the course, which are ready for you to use right away to teach your students the syllabus content in an engaging and fun way.

You’ll be stepped through all of the recipes, activities, student work-booklets, assessment tasks, marking criteria and units of work that are provided when you enrol into this online course.

Online Captivate Year 10 Food Technology’ is designed to assist teachers to involve students in the Year 10 Food Technology classroom. Increase student engagement in your Food Technology lessons by captivating your students’ attention and enthusiasm in a variety of appealing tasks.

We’ll also investigate the syllabus changes, so you walk into the classroom feeling ready and equipped.

Course inclusions

  • 5 hrs of video that guides you through teaching Food Technology
  • Resources to use for classroom delivery and support, including:
    • Annotated Syllabus
    • 4 x Units of work
    • 4 x Recipe booklets
    • 4 x Student work-booklets
    • 4 x Assessment tasks
    • 4 x Marking criteria
    • 2 x Assessment scaffolds
    • Engaging activity ideas
  • Course PowerPoint presentation of the course to re-visit at any time
  • TPD’s support if you need any assistance throughout the course


Food teachers looking for new resources, strategies and ideas to teach students in Year 10. This course has been designed around the FOOD TECHNOLOGY 7–10 SYLLABUS (2019). The resources can be adapted to suit other states throughout Australia.

Everything you need to teach:

  • Food Service and Catering
  • Food for Specific Needs
  • Food for Special Occasions
  • Food Trends

Session 1: Captivate

  • Syllabus changes
  • Opportunities for Project Based Learning
  • Scope and sequence

Session 2: Food Service and Catering

  • Food Service and Catering highlights
  • Food Service and Catering Assessment Task
  • Food Service and Catering recipe ideas

Session 3: Food for Specific Needs

  • Food for Specific Needs run down
  • Food for Specific Needs Assessment Task
  • Food for Specific Needs recipe ideas

Session 4: Food for Special Occasions

  • Food for Special Occasions focus
  • Food for Special Occasions Assessment Task
  • Food for Special Occasions recipe ideas

Session 5: Food Trends

  • Food Trends features
  • Food Trends Assessment Task
  • Food Trends recipe ideas

Delivery Format

Online – 24/7 access to learn at your own pace.


5 hours

Teaching Standards

2.1.2 Proficient Level – Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities.

6.2.2 Proficient Level – Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system
Completing Online Captivate Year 10 Food Technology will contribute 5 hours of Elective PD addressing 2.1.2 and 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Meet the trainer – Carly Saunders – The Happiness Mission
Carly Saunders is a lecturer and tutor at the University of Newcastle in the School of Education. Carly has been a Food Technology teacher for 17 years, has trained over 3,000 teachers – she’s no stranger to the classroom! Carly thrives on educating dynamic and passionate teachers and is a published author. She will provide you with tips and strategies to engage your students in studying the syllabus.
Enrol today and get immediate access so you can deliver the Year 10 Food Technology content confidently and easily. This course will help you free up time, engage your students and achieve your teaching goals.We pride ourselves in offering you comprehensive teacher professional development and supporting you with all the resources, worksheets and activities you need to teach your students.

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83 reviews for Online Captivate Year 10 Food Technology

  1. (83)

    Holly Anderson, Trangie Central School

    Great resource directly linked to syllabus

  2. (83)


    Very comprehensive with interrelated resources clearly explained and presented. Clear explanation and annotation of new Syllabus requirements and changes.

  3. (83)

    Catherine Foster, Picton High School

    It was fantastic – and great that you could still do it in the circumstances

  4. (83)

    Christie Carey, St Columba’s Catholic College

  5. (83)

    Rayna Shelley-St Julian, James Meehan High School

    Outstanding so very clear and relevant and in a format that we could teach effectively immediately- you are all very clever take a bow – you inspire me to do better

  6. (83)

    KATHERINE IRVING, Willoughby Girls

    Very 4! I would have preferred that the booklets were on screen when you were reading from them, rather than the powerpoint which often was not used. Or incorporate the booklets (what is being covered) into the powerpoint.

  7. (83)

    Melissa Gal, Rosebank College

    Great resources and presentation

  8. (83)

    Sabina McIntyre, Gundagai High School

    Very informative and fun