Accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher (HALT)

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If you are a NSW Teacher (primary or secondary) applying for Accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher (HALT) or a mentor of one, then this is the resource for YOU!

As an accredited highly accomplished teacher myself, I spent hours and hours of my time trying to wrap my brain around the submission of evidence! As a result, I have designed a variety of useful templates and handy tips to help you on your journey.

Being accredited as a Accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher (HALT) places you among the elite teachers in the country. HAT certification is Nationally Recognised, so you can take this wherever you go in Australia. Certainly, it is a great addition to your CV and shows your commitment to the profession, personally and professionally. The pay rise may be one incentive! For me the pay rise has meant I can work fewer days and spend more time with my young family and my passion and contribution to teacher professional learning. Bonus (something I wish I had when I was tackling this) –

  • 1 x Zoom Meeting or Teleconference (15-20 mins)
  • The review and evaluation of THREE Datasets. You will receive constructive feedback via track changes and comments throughout. There will also be an assessment of the evidence put forward to ensure it is authentic and of quality.

I have documented my journey and the steps I took and created a bright infographic to keep you on track. In addition to an automated spreadsheet on all 37 Standard Descriptors, this makes the mapping a breeze due to its automatic calculations. This document enables you to identify your strengths, opportunities and weaknesses. Sample documentary evidence (25 pages), annotations, referee statements, external observation timetable, lesson plans and my summary spreadsheet mapped against each Standard Descriptor has been included.. Resources include:

Resource #1 Infographic – Journey toward accreditation

Resource #2 Summary – Standard Descriptor

Resource #3 Workbook – Steps toward accreditation (18 pages)

Resource #4 – Referee support statements and example

Resource #5 Timetable – Sample External Observation

Resource #6 Sample Documentary Evidence Annotation

Resource #7 – Automated Mapping grid (Updates straight away to keep you on track)

Resource #8 – External Observation Lesson plan

Resource #9 – Lesson Observation Exit slips

Resource #10 Template – Cover page

Resource #11 – Sample Mapping grid

Resource #12 – Sample Dataset for Documentary Evidence (25 pages)

 Disclaimer – This does not automatically guarantee your accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher. You must put in the work and use this information and resources as a guide.


This is a must for anyone in NSW who is applying for an Accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher (HALT).

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