Agriculture and Food Technologies Research Task

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An engaging and innovative way to teach students Technology Mandatory Agriculture and Food Technologies!

This can be used for online learning or in a classroom setting.

This research task activity was developed to provide students the opportunity to research and present their findings on agricultural products in managed environments.

Students are presented with an example research task on beef cattle that provides answers to all of the questions to help guide them in their learning experience.

Students have the opportunity to conduct their own research on lamb and/or potatoes in two separate tasks. Students also have the opportunity to present their research in the form of an informative poster, or infographic, for each task.

This resource was created to assist students either in an online or face to face setting. This task can be differentiated for individual students’ needs at the discretion of their teacher.

Pack includes:

  • 10-page Research Task
  • Student activities
  • Example research task on beef cattle
  • 1 x Lamb Research Task
  • 1 x Potato Research Task
  • NSW and ACARA syllabus links

Resource Type: Outcome Task, Research Task Activity.

Digital File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File, Microsoft Word Document, Video Link


Relevant to:

Year 7 – Year 10 Food Technology syllabus 2019

Agriculture and Food Technologies

› designs, communicates and evaluates innovative ideas and creative solutions to authentic problems or opportunities TE4-1DP

› investigates how food and fibre are produced in managed environments TE4-5AG

  • investigate how food and fibre production is managed in environments as a system and how sustainability can be improved, for example: (ACTDEK032) ST
  • plants and/or animal species grown in managed environments
  • land management by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • boundaries, inputs, outputs, processes and feedback occurring in a managed environment


  • research legal and ethical requirements associated with agricultural production, e.g. keeping animals
  • investigate ideal conditions for growth and development of an agricultural plant or animal (ACTDEK032) ST
  • develop a schedule or calendar for ongoing care of a plant or animal species associated with an agricultural project (ACTDEP039) ST

Australian Curriculum Design and Technologies

Year 7 & 8

  • Analyse how food and fibre are produced when designing managed environments and how these can become more sustainable (ACTDEK032)
  • Use project management processes when working individually and collaboratively to coordinate production of designed solutions (ACTDEP039)


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