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This engaging resource empowers students to design their ideal sports team’s uniform and mascot, sparking their creativity and weaving in essential elements of design.


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Dream Sports Team – Unleash Your Creative, Sporty Textile Genius!

Unlock the world of imagination with our innovative Dream Sports Team textiles teaching resource. This engaging resource empowers students to design their dream sports team’s uniform and mascot, sparking their creativity and weaving in essential elements of design.

Here’s why Dream Sports Team is the ultimate resource for educators and students:

Creative Expression throughout the Textiles worksheets:

With Dream Sports Team, students embark on an exciting journey where they craft the uniform and mascot of their ideal sports team. They are encouraged to dive deep into their creative reservoirs, visualising and bringing their unique design concepts to life.

Comprehensive Learning:

This 11-page textile worksheet isn’t just about drawing; it’s a comprehensive learning experience. Students describe their designs, contemplate the elements of design, and evaluate the effectiveness of their sports uniform and mascot creations. It’s an all-encompassing exercise that enhances critical thinking skills.

Fashion Croquis:

To elevate the experience, we’ve included fashion croquis in the worksheet. These templates allow students to style and sketch their designs precisely. It’s the perfect canvas for their artistic expression.

Curriculum-Aligned to the Textiles Syllabus:

This resource has been meticulously designed to align with the outcomes and syllabus dot points of the NSW NESA Technology Mandatory and Textiles Technology Years 7-10 syllabi. This means you’re not just inspiring creativity but also covering important curriculum content. This resource can also be differentiated to meet other textiles syllabus requirements from other Australian states and territories.

Flexible Usage:

While it’s crafted for specific syllabi, Dream Sports Team is versatile and can be used with students across various stages and learning levels. Whether you’re teaching beginners or advanced learners, this resource adapts to your classroom needs.

Textiles Lesson Plan Included:

We’ve made it easy for educators to integrate Dream Sports Team into their curriculum. The resource includes a textiles lesson plan with clear curriculum links, showcasing how it aligns with the textiles syllabus. It simplifies the teaching process and ensures you’re meeting the necessary educational objectives.

This is more than just a textiles resource; it’s a passport to a world where creativity knows no bounds. With this resource, students enhance their critical and creative thinking skills, develop their understanding of design principles, and align their learning with the textiles syllabus.

Empower your students to dream big, design boldly, and learn meaningfully with Dream Sports Team. Order your copy today and watch your classroom come alive with the vibrant world of textile creativity!

Pack includes:

  • 1 x 11-page Dream Sports Team worksheet with fashion croquis.
  • Textiles lesson plan with teacher instructions.


TE4-1DP designs, communicates and evaluates innovative ideas and creative solutions to authentic problems or opportunities

  • generate and communicate the development of design ideas, plans and processes for various audiences using appropriate technical terms and technologies including graphical representation techniques, for example: (ACTDEP036) CT DT

– sketches, drawings and computer-aided designs (CAD)

– patterns

– models

– digital presentations


Stage 4

TEX4-4 Generates design ideas for textile items

TEX4-8 Uses appropriate technology to document, communicate and present design and project work

Stage 5

TEX5-4 Generates and develops textile design ideas

TEX5-8 selects and uses appropriate technology to creatively document, communicate and present design and project work.

  • generate and develop design ideas using drawing and rendering techniques, for example: (ACTDEP049)

– scaled pencil sketches

– tonal colouring techniques using watercolour media

– graphics or CAD drawing programs

  • use a variety of techniques to communicate and present the development of design ideas, for example:

– visual and graphical

– text based, eg word processing

– multimedia

– oral presentation

  • evaluate the designing and producing of a textile item using a variety of techniques including self evaluation and peer evaluation, for example: (ACTDEP051)

– a self-reflection record, journal or blog

  • explore the creative design approaches used by a variety of textile designers (ACTDEP049)
  • investigate the elements of design, for example:

– line, direction, shape, size, colour, value and texture


Contributes to:

ACARA Australian Curriculum Design & Technologies YRS 7-10
ACT BSSS Design and Textiles (2020)

QLD QCAA Fashion Applied Senior Syllabus (2019)
SA SACE Design, Technology and Engineering (2020)
TAS TASC Design and Production (2016-2020)
VIC VCAA Product Design & Technology (2018-2023)
VIC VCAA VCE VET Applied Fashion & Technology (2018)
WA SCSA Materials Design and Technology Yr12 (2020)
WA SCSA Materials Design and Technology Yr11 (2016)

Pack includes:

  • 1 x 11-page Dream Sports Team worksheet with fashion croquis.
  • Textiles lesson plan with teacher instructions.


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