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Elements of Design Life Skills Textiles Technology Activity – Digital

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Elements of Design Life Skills Textiles Technology Activity – Digital

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Product Description

Students identify and explore the elements of design using two engaging activities in a 7-page worksheet.

These activities encourage students to use their visual and kinesthetic skills to demonstrate the elements of design and link the elements to everyday items.

‘Elements of Design Life Skills’ can be shared with students digitally, easily printed or differentiated for individual students needs at the discretion of the teacher (through the pdf files provided).

Pack includes:

  • 7 Page PDF worksheet including 2 activities


Relevant to:

Textiles Technology Years 7-10 Syllabus – Stage 5 Life Skills


TEXLS-3 explores factors that influence textile design


  • identify elements of design represented in a range of textile items, for example:
    • line
    • direction
    • shape
    • colour
    • texture
  • identify the elements of design in current fashion textile items, for example:
    • lines in a striped dress, beach towel
    • shape in male and female fashionable pants, eg leggings, shorts, harem, baggy jeans, bell bottom, boot leg, skinny, slim fit
    • texture in a cable jumper

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