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Food Flow Process Charts – Digital

Food Flow Process Charts – Digital

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Product Description

Assist your HSC students to understand the steps in Food Flow Process Charts.

Students will have the opportunity to view descriptions and examples of each of the steps in food flow process charts including operation, inspection, storage, inspection/processing, transport and delay in student-friendly language in an engaging PowerPoint.

Students will then be given the challenge of drawing a flow process chart for orange juice from the steps provided. There is also a blank worksheet for extension purposes.

Pack includes:

  • 10 slide PowerPoint
  • 3-page Student Worksheet
  • Teacher Instructions and Sample Answer


Relevant to:


Food Manufacture


H1.1        explains manufacturing processes and technologies used in the production of food products

Learn about:

  • quality and quantity control in the selection of raw materials for food processing

Learn to:

  • describe processes that transform raw materials into manufactured food products


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