Food Product Development Drivers Activity

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Use visual cues and explicit examples to help students understand the drivers behind food product development.


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Use visual cues and explicit examples to help students understand the drivers behind food product development.

Elevate your food technology classroom experience with this comprehensive teaching resource, designed to help students grasp the complexities behind food product development. Using vivid visuals and real-world examples, this pack seamlessly integrates into the food technology syllabus, making it an ideal companion for in-depth learning.

This resource also includes a collaborative activity where students match current real world examples to the driver posters and complete a two part worksheet.

N.B. – The product cards can meet a variety of drivers and it is up to the teacher’s discretion to discuss this with students. A potential answers sheet is provided for the activity however these products are not limited to just the answers provided. It is an opportunity for students to justify their choices regarding the reason for each product’s development.

Pack includes:

  • 12 x A4 classroom posters (PDF)
  • 24 x food product cards (PDF, DOC)
  • 7 slide PowerPoint explaining driver categories
  • Teacher activity instructions and suggestions for use. (PDF, DOC)
  • Activity Potential Answers (PDF, DOC)
  • 5-Page Student worksheet (PDF, DOC)


How it Works:

  1. Engaging Posters: Print and display the 12 A4 posters around your food technology classroom. These serve as excellent visual cues to help clarify the drivers behind food product development.
  2. Interactive Food Product Cards: Use the 24 food product cards for a collaborative matching activity. These cards give students the opportunity to connect theoretical knowledge with real-world examples.
  3. PowerPoint Presentation: Utilise the 7-slide PowerPoint to dive deeper into the categories that drive food product development. It’s a handy teaching aid to support your classroom discussions.
  4. Collaborative Worksheet & Activity: The 5-page student worksheet is included, designed to further engage students in hands-on learning. Plus, you’ll find a Potential Answers sheet that offers guidance while allowing room for students’ independent reasoning.
  5. Teacher Resources: The pack comes complete with activity instructions and suggestions for use, making it as teacher-friendly as it is student-friendly.

Additional Information:

  • This poster pack is best used in conjunction with the Part 4 – Reasons For and Types of Food Product Development resource, especially if being applied to Stage 6 students.
  • The product cards can apply to various drivers, and it’s at the teacher’s discretion to discuss this with the students. This allows for open-ended discussions and provides students with the opportunity to justify their choices.

Don’t miss this chance to add depth and real-world context to your food technology curriculum. Empower your teaching and enhance student learning with this multifaceted resource pack today!

Relevant to:



H1.3 justifies processes of food product development and manufacture in terms of market, technological and environmental considerations


Students Learn About:

Reasons for and types of food product development

  • drivers of the development of food products:
  • market concerns such as health, dietary considerations and the environment
  • consumer demands such as convenience foods and cost
  • societal changes including increasing ageing population, single person households and longer working hours
  • technological developments such as processing equipment and packaging materials
  • company profitability such as increasing market share

 Stage 5 Syllabus Food Technology

  • recognise that different reasons exist for food product development, for example:

– as a response to health issues, eg reduced-fat milk, probiotic yoghurt

– concern for environment, eg food products packaged using recyclable materials

– technological developments, eg modified atmosphere packaging

– response to consumer demand, eg convenience food products


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    Fabulous resource! I’ve used the product cards when teaching various aspects of the Stage 6 Food Tech course.

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    auNew South Wales, Australia

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    Gail (Verified user)

    Outstanding resource

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