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Take your class through the PowerPoint of foodborne illness, then students work on solving 7 foodborne illness cases!


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Take your class through the PowerPoint of foodborne illness, then students work on solving 7 foodborne illness cases!

Foodborne Illness – The Case Files is designed to engage students and help them understand six types of foodborne illness. They will learn symptoms, causes and methods of prevention for salmonella, listeria, staphylococcal, botulism, perfringens and e.coli.

There are 7 ‘Case Files’ that follow on in the PowerPoint. You can read through these scenarios as a class. Students then identify the likely foodborne illnesses and justify why they believe this is the case and complete the worksheet included.

Pack includes:

  • 15 slide PowerPoint with information and ‘The Case Files’
  • 2-page student worksheet
  • Teacher answer guide for suggested responses

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Relevant to:

NSW Stage 6 Food Technology Syllabus

Preliminary Food Quality

P4.1     selects appropriate equipment, applies suitable techniques and utilises safe and hygienic practices when handling food

Students learn about:

Safe storage of food

  • methods of storing foods to maintain quality such as dry storage, cold storage and freezing
  • safe and hygienic work practices when handling food

Students learn to:

  • describe methods of storing foods to maintain sensory characteristics and ensure safety


NSW Stage 5 Food Technology Years 7-10 Syllabus 2019

FT5-2 identifies, assesses and manages the risks of injury and WHS issues associated with the handling of food

  • demonstrate safe and hygienic work practices, for example: (ACTDEK045, ACTDEP050)
    • personal hygiene
    • food safety, eg the food danger zone, cross-contamination
    • safe work practices
    • use of personal protective equipment (PPE)


NSW Technology Mandatory Syllabus 2017

Agriculture and Food Technologies

  • identify and apply safe and ethical work practices, for example: DT

– correct use of tools and equipment

– food safety and hygiene practices


NSW Hospitality Curriculum Framework Stage 6 Syllabus

SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety

-food contamination and foodborne illness


Australian Curriculum- Design and Technologies Year 9-10

Knowledge and understanding

  • Investigate and make judgements on how the principles of food safety, preservation, preparation, presentation and sensory perceptions influence the creation of food solutions for healthy eating(ACTDEK045)


WA Food Science and Technology ATAR Year 11 and 12 Syllabus

Outcome 4

  • understand the importance of safe, sustainable practices when developing and using food-related technologies.


Victorian Certificate of Education Food Studies Study Design

Unit 3: Food in Daily Life

Key skill

  • use equipment and techniques appropriately, justify and apply principles of safe and hygienic food handling practices in the prevention of food poisoning, and demonstrate organisational and technical skills in relation to the preparation, cooking and presentation of nutritious meals in a range of practical activities.


QLD Food & Nutrition 2019 v1.1 General Senior Syllabus

3.5 Topic 3: Labelling and food safety

  • explain critical control points (CCPs) relating to food safety and potential sources of contamination, including biological hazards, e.g. pathogenic microorganisms, insects, animals.


SA South Australian Certificate of Education

Food and HospitalityFood and Hospitality

Area of Study 4: Food and Safety

This area of study could include topics such as the following:

  • occupational health and safety
  • consumer protection and the rights of individuals
  • safe food practices.


Tasmanian Government Department of Education

Food and Cooking Essentials

Learning Outcome

  • work safely and hygienically when storing, preparing and handling food


VET UNIT SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety

-food contamination and foodborne illness


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    A great resource that can be used in both Hospitality and Food Technology contexts. I was even able to use this as an extension activity for a high achieving Stage 4 class!

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