Preliminary Food Technology Resource Poster Pack

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Bring colour and comprehension to your classroom walls with 30 posters to help your students consolidate the theory component of the preliminary food technology syllabus. From functional properties to chemical structures, and covering carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and more, these posters support your delivery of the curriculum.

Food Technology concepts aren’t always easy to grasp. That’s why this poster pack has been specifically created to highlight the common areas that need reinforcing through visual cues. And while you’re facilitating practical lessons and project-based learning, you’ll be supported by these classroom resources as prompts for what you’ve taught your students in your theory lessons

Pack includes:

  • 30 x A4 posters

How to use these resources:

Use these posters support your teaching of:

  • Properties of food and factors affecting functions. We’ve use tables, mind-maps, and explanatory visuals to focus on:
    • protein – 5 posters covering coagulation, denaturing, aeration, gelation and browning.
    • carbohydrates – 4 posters covering gelatinising, caramelising, crystalising and dextrinising
    • lipids – 2 posters covering emulsifying and aerating
  • Technical aspects of food and safety
    • A pH chart poster and 3 chemical structure posters of carbs, lipids and protein (this is definitely best taught visually!)
    • Water and fat soluble vitamin lists
    • Food temperature zones including the danger zone
    • The terminology hypothalamus
  • Factors affecting food selection
    • These 4 posters break the information into physiological, psychological, emotional, economic affecting factors.
  • Key concepts using a mnemonic memory device – how to remember the order of digestion, and factors affecting the functional properties of food.
  • Food preparation techniques and cooking methods


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