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Textiles General Capabilities Game Pack

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Textiles General Capabilities Game Pack

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Product Description

This Textiles General Capabilities Game Pack includes 6 games and a worksheet directly linked to Textiles equipment to build students metalanguage and knowledge. These engaging games are designed around personal and social general capabilities, and critical and creative thinking general capabilities.

Physical pack includes:

  • Charades
  • Pictionary
  • Guess Who
  • Fire Brain
  • Memory Game x 4
  • Textiles Bingo
  • Have you been paying attention?


Charades: Communicate effectively social capability game

Charades involves dividing your class into two or more teams where they act out words or phrases that are written on their chosen card.

The object is to get your team to guess the answer using only the gestures, therefore when a player is acting out the word or phrase they are not allowed to talk. The team that gets the most correct answers is the winner.


Pictionary: Imagine possibilities and connect ideas drawing practice game

Pictionary involves dividing your class into two or more teams. In each team students must select an illustrator for the first word.

The illustrator is the person who attempts to draw the word they select from the deck of cards using a pencil and paper, whilst everyone else on their team will try to guess the word that the illustrator has drawn/drawing. Each player on the team will take turns acting as the illustrator.


Guess Who: Work collaboratively social capability game

Guess who involves dividing your class into 6 groups. Each group then receives       an envelope with three cryptic clues. As a team students must read each clue and collaborate to decide which textile item, tool or piece of equipment they are.

The first team to determine which textile item, tool or equipment they are wins.

*Guess who cards are numbered with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 which corresponds to the correct envelope


  • Envelope 1: Bobbin
  • Envelope 2: Presser Foot
  • Envelope 3: Needle
  • Envelope 4: Cotton Reel
  • Envelope 5: Iron
  • Envelope 6: Pins


Fire Brain: Pose questions, organise and process information critical thinking game

Fire brain based on the popular game celebrity heads involves dividing your class into three groups. As a team students select a person to be in, the teacher places a fire brain card above this student’s head (we like to blutak it to the whiteboard and have students stand in front of it). This person must then ask their team questions to discover which textile item, tool or piece of equipment they are.

Team players may only respond yes or no to the questions. If a team responds yes to a question, the player that is in may then ask another question. To win the game a player must be the first to guess the identity of their textile item, tool or equipment.


Memory: Apply logic and reasoning game critical thinking game

Memory involves dividing your class into four groups. Each group receives a deck of cards, students must mix up the cards laying them face down in rows. Within each group a player must turn over any two cards, if the two cards match the students keep them if they don’t they must turn them back over attempting to remember what was on each card and where it was.

Team players must watch and remember during the other player’s turn. The game is finished when all the cards have been matched. The player who matches the most correct cards is the winner.


Textiles Bingo:

Textiles Bingo and calling card includes 24 individual Bingo cards that you can play with your students. The calling card will assist you to engage students in visual literacy and definitions. Students can mark the bingo card with a texta or whiteboard maker and wipe the surface of the laminated bingo card clean after use.


Have you been paying attention? Reflect on processes and transfer knowledge into new contexts.

After playing sewing machine memory you can have students complete the ‘Have you been paying attention?’ sheet. Students need to decide whether the part belongs to a sewing machine or a car and write them on the correct side of the Venn diagram.

Please feel free to photocopy as many of these sheets as you need for your classes.


We hope you and your students have a great time getting comfortable with Textiles equipment and metalanguage whilst meeting general capabilities learning continuum sub-elements at the same time.


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