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Rewiring Happiness Journal – Digital Download

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Rewiring Happiness Journal – Digital Download

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Product Description

Rewiring Happiness Journal: Simple, science-backed exercises to increase wellbeing and work towards personal and social capabilities.


This PDF is designed to give Teachers and students tools and intentional activities to improve their wellbeing and happiness. It includes a digital PDF which can be printed and given to students or separated into individual activities which could be completed in pastoral care, roll call, year advisor and wellbeing sessions.

Aimed at meeting personal and social capabilities; self-awareness and social awareness this journal will enable students to develop an awareness of their own emotional states, needs and perspectives. Identifying their own values, managing emotions, acknowledging how their emotional state impacts others are all activities which make up this journal.

Suggested activities from the research of prominent psychologists and neuroscientists such as:

  • Carol Dweck
  • Barbara Fredrickson
  • Martin Seligman
  • Ellen Langer
  • Sue Langley
  • Rick Hanson and many more.

Pack includes: 213 page digital journal filled with intentional activities for wellbeing and personal and social capabilities

Activities include:

  • Gratitude Checks- develop reflective practice
  • Knowing your Values- recognise personal qualities/understand self as learner
  • What Went Well Exercises- develop reflective practice
  • Recall Positive Experiences- develop reflective practice
  • Managing Emotions- Mind and brain strategies, body and activity strategies, change of environment strategies, relationship and community strategies
  • Mindfulness Exercises- recognising emotions
  • Iceberg Exercise- self-awareness of behaviours/ develop reflective practice
  • Savouring Memories- develop reflective practice
  • Celebrating Struggle- develop resilience
  • Negativity Bias- become adaptive
  • I.P Technique (Longevity, Impact, Personalisation)- negotiate conflict/ express emotions appropriately
  • Affirmations- recognise personal qualities
  • My Best Self- recognise personal achievements
  • Thoughtful and Thankful- social awareness exercise
  • The Ripple Effect- social awareness exercise
  • Curiosity as a conflict management exercise
  • Reflecting, Relishing, Savouring reflective experience
  • Peak State/ Power Pose- develop leadership physiology
  • Altering your State with a Smile, self-awareness
  • Loving Kindness- social management activity
  • Cultivating Kindness Brainstorm- social awareness/work collaboratively
  • Random Acts of Kindness- social awareness
  • Creating Meaning – develop self discipline self-awareness activity
  • Forgiveness– social awareness and management
  • Hope- setting goals, working independently and showing initiative
  • ABCDE Building resilience- become confident resilient and adaptable
  • Building positive emotions portfolios – recognise emotions joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe, love.
  • 10 Greatest Experiences: develop reflective practice
  • 10 Heroes or Mentors: make decisions
  • 10 Success Goals: develop self-discipline and set goals
  • 10 Favourite Quotes: develop reflective practice
  • 10 Social or Cultural Goals: contribute to civil society
  • 10 Best Achievements: recognise personal achievements
  • 10 Best Strengths or Character Traits: recognise personal qualities

Resource Type: Journal, Activity

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