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Beat the Box is an exciting teacher resource game that keeps your students engaged with Textiles content, including game sheet and sample questions!


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Energise Your Textiles Classroom with Textiles Beat the Box!

Looking for an engaging and interactive way to reinforce Textiles content while keeping your students excited and motivated? Textiles Beat the Box is the answer! This innovative teaching resource is not just a game; it’s a dynamic and fun way to immerse your students in the world of Textiles Technology.

Engage and Challenge:

Textiles Beat the Box is a thrilling game that captivates your students with textiles-related questions. Each student receives a Beat the Box textiles worksheet, ready to tackle a series of questions that test their knowledge of Textiles. Their mission: to record as many answers as they can in the boxes before the timer runs out. The excitement builds as they race to beat the clock and, when successful, they proudly proclaim, “I beat the box!”

Effortless Classroom Integration with a Textiles Lesson Plan:

Implementing Textiles Beat the Box is a breeze, thanks to the included textiles lesson plan with teacher and game instructions. This textile lesson plan offers practical suggestions for classroom use, ensuring that you can seamlessly introduce this resource to your students. Whether you prefer individual challenges or collaborative team play, Textiles Beat the Box adapts to your classroom’s needs.

Suitable for All Learning Levels and Stages:

One of the strengths of Textiles Beat the Box is its versatility. It can be used with students from various learning levels and stages, making it an inclusive tool for a diverse range of learners. Whether you’re reinforcing foundational concepts or diving into advanced textiles topics, this resource delivers.

Enhance Critical and Creative Thinking with the Textiles Worksheet:

This game isn’t just about answering questions; it’s about enhancing critical and creative thinking skills. Students are challenged to think on their feet, recall essential course content, and strategise to fill their boxes efficiently. It’s an effective way to reinforce and recall vital textiles knowledge.

Curriculum Aligned:

Textiles Beat the Box simplifies your teaching by providing clear curriculum links in the textiles lesson plan. It demonstrates how this game aligns seamlessly with the textiles syllabus and supports your efforts to deliver an engaging and enriching textiles education. This resource can be differentiated to meet the needs of any Textile Syllabus.

Textiles Fun and Learning Combined:

Textiles Beat the Box is the perfect blend of fun and learning, providing an exciting whole-class activity where students can work individually or collaboratively to reinforce and recall essential Textiles Technology content. It’s a game-changer in your Textiles classroom.

Energise your Textiles class, reinforce course content, and boost student engagement with Textiles Beat the Box. Order now and watch as your students become eager participants in their textiles learning journey, all while having a blast!

Pack includes:

  • 1 x Beat the Box Game Sheet (PDF).
  • 1 x Teacher Sample Questions (PDF).
  • Textiles lesson plan with teacher instructions.

ACARA Australian Curriculum Design & Technologies YRS 7-10
ACT BSSS Design and Textiles (2020)
QLD QCAA Fashion Applied Senior Syllabus (2019)
SA SACE Design, Technology and Engineering (2020)
TAS TASC Design and Production (2016-2021)
VIC VCAA Product Design & Technology (2018-2023)
VIC VCAA VCE VET Applied Fashion & Technology (2018)
WA SCSA Materials Design and Technology Yr12 (2020)
WA SCSA Materials Design and Technology Yr11 (2016)

Pack includes:

  • 1 x Beat the Box Game Sheet (PDF).
  • 1 x Teacher Sample Questions (PDF).
  • Textiles lesson plan with teacher instructions.

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    Dominika F. (Verified user)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Great revision game, students get really into. I came up with some of my own questions to better suit my class.

    • Teacher PD (store manager)

      We’re so pleased to hear your students have been loving our Textiles Beat the Box game. It’s great to come up with your own questions to add, to help differentiate the game for your class! You can use this to keep playing again and again too! Thank you for your review, and have a lovely day.

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