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Unlock your students’ boundless creativity with this indispensable Textiles School Uniform Designer resource tailor-made for Textiles educators. Empower your students to envision and craft their very own unique school uniforms, igniting their passion for design and fostering a sense of individuality.


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Unleash Your Students’ Imagination with Textiles School Uniform Designer!

Are you ready to transform your Textiles classroom into a hub of creativity and self-expression? Look no further than Textiles School Uniform Designer, the ultimate resource tailor-made for Textiles educators like you. With this invaluable tool, you’ll empower your students to envision, design, and craft their very own school uniforms, unlocking a world of boundless creativity and individuality.

Ignite Passion for Design:

Textiles School Uniform Designer is designed to ignite your students’ passion for design and fashion. With this resource at your fingertips, your classroom will become a breeding ground for creativity and self-expression. Watch as your students embark on a transformative journey, discovering their unique style and infusing it into their school uniform designs.

Fashion Croquis as Your Canvas:

Using fashion croquis as their canvas, students will bring their creative visions to life. They’ll sketch and illustrate unique concepts that reflect their individuality and personal style, allowing them to take ownership of their designs like never before with these textiles worksheets.

Foster Critical and Creative Thinking:

But it doesn’t stop at design. This resource also challenges students to think critically about their creations. The accompanying textile worksheet poses a series of thought-provoking questions, prompting students to consider the elements of their design more deeply. This process not only enhances their design skills but also nurtures critical and creative thinking, preparing them for success in the world of textiles.

NESA Key Words Practice:

Textiles School Uniform Designer goes the extra mile by providing students with the opportunity to practice their short answer responses to NESA key words. This invaluable practice will boost their confidence and proficiency in addressing essential assessment criteria.

Comprehensive Textiles Lesson Plan:

To streamline your teaching experience, Textiles School Uniform Designer includes a comprehensive textile lesson plan with teacher instructions. This plan offers practical suggestions for classroom use, ensuring a smooth integration of the textiles resource into your curriculum. Plus, extra croquis are included for fast-finishing students, guaranteeing that every student can fully engage in the creative process.

Versatile for All Learning Levels:

While Textiles School Uniform Designer was crafted with Stage 5 textiles students studying the Textiles Technology syllabus in mind, its versatility knows no bounds. It can be seamlessly adapted for students from various stages and learning levels, making it accessible to a diverse audience of budding designers. This textiles resource can be differentiated to meet the needs of any Textile Syllabus.

Transform Your Classroom Today:

Textiles School Uniform Designer is more than a teaching resource; it’s a catalyst for innovation, self-expression, and personal growth. Grab your copy now and revolutionise the way your students perceive and engage with textiles. Watch their imaginations take flight as they design school uniforms that reflect their unique personalities and styles.

Unlock your students’ boundless creativity and set them on a path of self-discovery and design excellence with Textiles School Uniform Designer. Order today and witness the magic of self-expression in your classroom!

Pack includes:

  • 1 x 5-page School Uniform Designer worksheet (PDF).
  • Extra fashion croquis.
  • Textiles lesson plan with teacher instructions.

ACARA Australian Curriculum Design & Technologies YRS 7-10
ACT BSSS Design and Textiles (2020)
QLD QCAA Fashion Applied Senior Syllabus (2019)
SA SACE Design, Technology and Engineering (2020)
TAS TASC Design and Production (2016-2021)
VIC VCAA Product Design & Technology (2018-2023)
VIC VCAA VCE VET Applied Fashion & Technology (2018)
WA SCSA Materials Design and Technology Yr12 (2020)
WA SCSA Materials Design and Technology Yr11 (2016)

Pack includes:

  • 1 x 5-page School Uniform Designer worksheet (PDF).
  • Extra fashion croquis.
  • Textiles lesson plan with teacher instructions.


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