People in Fashion Design – Calvin Klein

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People in Fashion in the Textiles and Design industry – Calvin Klein Research Activity.



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People in Fashion in the Textiles and Design industry – Calvin Klein Research Activity.
This activity is intended for students researching people in the Fashion Industry. Calvin Klein or for students completing a writing and research activity.
This Biography Research Activity has been designed for use in the classroom to assist in covering a topic or outcome. It has been formatted to allow for quick printing of individual lessons. Space is provided to allow for students to write their name and the date the lesson was given.
Suggestions for using this activity.
1. Students can conduct individual research using their personal device, the school computer room or by utilising the school library. You may wish to have the students work in groups of two or individually to complete the work sheet.
2. Students can be called on to provide answers to questions following their research.
3. The teacher may wish to use the worksheet as a pre test, testing knowledge that the students may have prior to study.
4. The worksheet could be provided as a homework task.
5. The worksheet can be used as an emergency extra, cover or substitute lesson when the usual teacher is not present.
This activity is one of a number of similar writing/research activities focusing on researching the biographies of various people. Have a look in the store to find other famous people who your students may be able to research and write about.



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