SITXCCS011 – Interact With Customers (Hospitality) – NEW Syllabus

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Empower Your Teaching with Our NEW Hospitality Curriculum Resources!

Attention dedicated educators! Are you preparing to teach any of the following esteemed courses in the realm of hospitality?
• SIT20322 Certificate II in Hospitality
• SIT20421 Certificate II in Cookery
• SIT30622 Certificate III in Hospitality (Statement of Attainment only)
• SIT30821 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (Statement of Attainment only)
• SIT30921 Certificate III in Catering (Statement of Attainment only)
If so, we have a transformative resource designed especially for you: SITXCCS011 – Interact With Customers unit, an essential module within the mandatory “Working with colleagues and customers” section.


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🌟 Enhance Your Teaching Experience!

  • Equip yourself with a 29-page in-depth teaching and learning program meticulously aligned with both the training package and NESA standards. Streamline your lesson planning with clearly marked assessment areas, specific knowledge pointers, and performance criteria.

📚 Engaging Content for Your Students!

  • Make each lesson memorable with our 60-page student workbook, brimming with handpicked resources. Cultivate enthusiasm and comprehension in your students as they prepare for the HSC Examination and meet Training Package requirements.
  • Keep students actively engaged with diverse activities, from role-play scenarios and culinary-themed Pictionary to the interactive Feedback Fiesta: Circle of Insights. These aren’t just exercises; they’re tools to ensure understanding and mastery.

🥘 Integrate Theory with Practical Application

  • Guide students through our 22-page Recipe Book, filled with questions that tie directly into the SITXCCS011 Interact With Customers unit. Help them bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its real-world culinary application.
  • Plus, to make your teaching journey smoother, we’ve included an answer booklet, eliminating the need for additional prep work and allowing easy adaptability for diverse student needs.


Elevate your teaching game and inspire a new generation of hospitality professionals with our comprehensive resources!

What is included:

Resource #1 Program – Interact with customers (29 Pages)

Resource #2 Student Workbook (60 pages)

Resource #3 Recipe Book and Questions (22 pages)

Resource #4 Recipe Book Answer Sheets (16 pages)

Resource #5 Lesson Plan Sightless Service Setup (2 pages)

Resource #6 Lesson Plan Culinary Pictionary (2 pages)

Resource #7 Pictionary cards (42 cards)

Resource #8 Complaints and issues – Role Play Cards (20 cards)

Resource #9 Lesson Plan Feedback Fiesta – Circle of Insights (2 pages)

Resource #10 Lesson Plan Culture and Diversity (5 pages)

Resource #11 Culture and Diversity Cards – Research project (10 cards)

Resource #12 Cross-Cultural Communication Role-play cards (10 cards)

Resource #13 Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Answer Sheet (1 page)

Resource #14 Answer Sheet The Importance of Diversity In The Workplace video (1 page)

Total pages = 222


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